Synthesis, which made its debut at the Théâtre du Jorat, deepens Lumen Creations’ exploration of the encounter between video projection and live performing arts, as well as the use of LED lights as décor elements. The piece is a contemporary creation that is at once poetic and playful.

Playful fusion between nature and the virtual world

Synthesis explores imaginary worlds. Visual arts take ownership of the stage. Synthetic images melt into lush greenery. Nature transpires, breathes and brings to life swift-footed creatures: intriguing and futuristic acrobats, dancers and object-handlers. They grew up in the digital age and encounter a synthetic form of nature that is not easily decipherable.

The doors of this strange universe open themselves up to the audience, inviting them into this world of magic that is so conducive to dreaming and stirring emotions. Nicolas Hesslein orchestrates this beautiful world, as he loves making two worlds collide in confrontation, worlds that are at once so close and sometimes so far apart: that of circus and dance.

Technical informations

Year 2014
Location Théâtre du Jorat, Switzerland
Co-production Théâtre du Jorat, Switzerland
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