Synthesis 2.0

Synthesis 2.0 is a proofreading of our second long piece (Synthesis presented at the Théâtre du Jorat in 2014). It involves multimedia, mapping, acrobatics and light manipulation in a harmonious ensemble.

Playful fusion between nature and virtual worlds

“Synthesis” explores imaginary worlds. The visual arts take possession of the scene. Computer graphics blend in with lush vegetation. Nature transpires and gives birth to light and clever creatures. Creatures are acrobats, dancers and manipulators of objects, they are intriguing and futuristic. They grew up in the digital age and go to meet a synthetic nature that can not be easily understood.The doors of this strange universe open to the viewer and take him to this magical place conducive to daydreaming and Nicolas Hesslein orchestrates all this beautiful world and likes to confront two worlds sometimes so close and sometimes so distant: the universe of the circus with that of dance.

Technical informations

Year 2018
Location Switzerland
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