Productions incorporating body, lighting and new technologies are created in this dream factory. Lumen has worked in over twenty countries across the world (France, Japan, the United States, South Korea, India and beyond), celebrating its universal odes to light.

Nicolas Hesslein, artistic director and founder of Lumen, creates visual universes, surrounding himself with about fifteen collaborators from the world of dance, circus, multimedia and music. His constant quest for symbiosis means that he brings to life dreamscapes where choreography and futuristic imagery all coalesce into his singular body of work. The worlds conjured up by Lumen invite the viewer to dream awake, escaping into colourful flights of fancy. Bursts of digital imagery, controlled by and connected to performers’ bodies cloak a space which, for a fleeting moment, becomes a laboratory of artistic innovation.

Every commission is a universe waiting to be created, requiring a thorough documentation of the subject and setting. This allows to draw up a storyboard for interplay between the visual and sound elements and the choreography. The stage direction is complex and coordinates various disciplines. The multiplicity of genres is one of Lumen Creation’s hallmarks.

They trusted us

Vacheron Constantin
Procter & Gamble
LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Johnson & Johnson
Hugo Boss
Estée Lauder
Absolut vodka