Two full-length productions

We are fascinated by new forms of art and revisit live performance through the prism of digital technology. This has led to stage productions in theatres, festivals and other private or institutional organisations.

Évolution, our first full-length production, was created in 2009. It was co- produced and programmed by the Théâtre de l’Octogone in Pully, and was sold out for two consecutive evenings. After its presentation at La Bourse aux spectacles in Thoune, the show toured in many prestigious venues across Belgium, France and India.

Synthesis, the second full-length production, was co-produced and programmed by the Théâtre du Jourat in Mézières.

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From digital flowers, moving particles, floating structures, acrobatics, dance, to the handling of objects, we explore the place where new technologies meet the performing arts. These are not laboratories, but futuristic productions where movement, video and light are connected to sound in real time, offering an elaborate chain of visual scenes that build on a poetic and artistic narrative.

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