A new high-tech 3,000-seat conference auditorium at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. We made sure that the inauguration was truly worthy of the event! We explored the world of science and portrayed the institute’s great achievements through dance, video projection and shadow play. The project took a month to create plus a week of rehearsals at the venue and was a resounding success. The institute’s Communications Director, Jérôme Grosse, commented: “Some time has passed since that incredible week and I have not yet congratulated you all for your hard work during the inauguration ceremony. The feedback has been unanimously marvellous and the images were very effective, such as the exquisite poetic portrayal of Ravel’s Bolero”.


The project in brief:


Location: EPFL, Lausanne

Audience: 3,000 people

Set-up: Multimedia show

Benefits of the project: Immersive and tailor-made

Client: EPFL