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Artistic director

Nicolas Hesslein

Nicolas Hesslein is a genre-breaking artist, choreographer, acrobat, juggler influenced by the Martial Arts, scenographer and visual art creative whose entire scope of art gravitates around light.

In 2005, he started learning 3D video design and introduced mapping into his scenographies. In 2007, he was consecrated as an artist of import when he was given free rein at the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

In keeping with his success and progress as an artist, he brought his own, two full-length productions to the stage – the first co-produced by l’Octogone de Pully in 2009, and the second by the Théâtre du Jorat in Mézières in 2014. Today, Nicolas Hesslein is the artistic director of Lumen Creations and effortlessly orchestrates the space where the performing, visual and digital arts meet. A wizard of the future, a creator of artistic universes, Nicolas Hesslein pulls the strings in his very own factory of dreamworlds.