Factory of dreamworlds

Lumen Creations

Performances incorporating body, lighting and new technologies are produced in this dream factory. Lumen has worked in over twenty countries across the world, in Europe, Asia and North America, celebrating its universal odes to light.



Escape into another world with Lumen’s spectacular creations: wielding fire, LED lights, interactive videos and mapping, we are endlessly reinventing ourselves to stage the universe of your dreams, whether it be performances, customised creations, multimedia works, full-length productions and fire shows.



Your unique events echo the diversity of our creations. Each project is an exciting challenge and we strive to share in it. You conjure up the magic, we put it in motion: discover our worlds and relive exceptional moments filled with delight, wonder and emotion!



El Dia de los Muertos

What a night! We revisited the world of Halloween for an evening imagined by Franck Fichoux: a sweet mix between Tim Burton and El Dia de los Muertos! A video will follow soon. Event conception & production: Franck Fichoux Artistic direction: Nicolas Hesslein Artists booking and management: Lumen Creations

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